STAR (School and Teacher Appraisal Report) Indicators


I.  Buildings and Grounds

1.  Classrooms and furnishings

Classrooms have windows; secure locking doors; smooth chalkboards; intact roofs; adequate seating and desks; smooth, level floor.

2.  Staff office and furnishings

Secure windows; intact roof; secure locking door; adequate workspace for each teacher; updated postiongs or bulletin boards.

3.  Other educational buildings

Library, science laboratory, computer laboratory, store rooms.  Secure windows; intact roofs; secure locking door.

4.  Toilets and grounds

Grounds are well maintained; students have shaded seating areas; toilets are private and adequate in number and capacity; dependable water source is near school.

x.  Boarding, social, and community facilities

Hostel, teachers’ houses, kitchen, social hall.  Note capacity, furnishings, condition.

II.  Property

5.  Classroom Supplies

Chalk, tape, flipchart paper, markers, straight edges, compasses, protractors, triangles, manipulatives.

6.  Books

Number; subject; date; condition.

7.  Equipment, supplies, and consumables

Computers; calculators; rulers; chemicals, specimens, balance, student apparatus (dissection apparatus, chemical glassware, PPE); demonstration apparatus; informational posters; athletic equipment; soap; vehicle; maintenance supplies (brooms, mops, buckets, pails, slashers, hoes).

III.  Teaching and Learning

8.  Lesson planning, preparation, and coverage

Schemes up to date; lesson plan for each lesson; teachers present during their classes; teachers arrive to work punctually.

9.  Teaching and classroom management

Teachers provide adequate time; encourage higher order thinking skills; continuously assess students and their classes; involve all students; gender balance in attention.

10.  Student behavior and engagement

Students ask and answer questions; pay attention to teacher; work on task.

11.  Extracurricular programs

Clubs meet regularly and keep attendance; sports teams practice and compete with other schools; field trips; newspaper; dramas

IV.  Records and Management

12.  Academic record keeping

Records of term grades; attendance; enrollment; school fees register; pass/fail.

13.  Financial records and transparency

Ledgers of income and expenditures; budgets; receipts kept; financial procedures with checks and balances.

14.  Physical resource management

Inventories of capital property; secure access procedures for books and valuable property; property is available for academic use.

V.  Human Resources

15.  Supervision of teaching

Schemes and lesson plans are checked; Teacher time book is maintained; schedule and records of teacher observations.

16.  Staff development

Number of teachers; qualifications of teachers for subjects taught; timely staff meetings, useful and frequent staff insets.

VI.  Community

17.  PTA, SMC, and Mothers’ Group

Gropups meet regularly and are active in school affairs.

18.  Community relations

Reputation of school in the community is good; school involves the community in its activities.

VII.  Student Life

19.  Student rights and equity

Equitable gender treatment; positive student-teacher relations; policies and practices promote inclusion with respect to gender, religion, ethnicity.

20.  Student health, safety, and well-being

Toilets are clean and sanitary, handwashing stations are supplied with water and soap, girl students have wash area; policies and practices combat violence and abuse; physical safety hazards eliminated; punishment and discipline policies and practices are fair and not abusive; school has a harassment policy.

VIII.  Student Statistics

21.  Retention and progression

Number of students beginning and finishing each form last year, disaggregated by gender; repeaters each form, disaggregated by gender.

22.  MANEB test performance

MSCE pass rates last 3 years, disaggregated by gender.

23.  Further education

Eligibility for tertiary education; applications submitted; admissions.

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