Midlatitude Cyclones

Links to online information about Earth’s largest storms.

Midlatitude cyclones

Midlatitude Cyclones segment
from the online Physical Geography textbook by Michael Pidwirny and Scott Lones.  It contains some (annoying) advertisements.
Mid-latitude cyclones module
From the North Carolina Climate Office education page.
Semi-permanent Highs and Lows
Persistent weather patterns that often influence the intensity and track of midlatitude cyclones.
William Stafford’s MLC lecture
Youtube video of a Powerpoint lecture.  Quick, engaging, easy to follow.
Chapter 15 Midlatitude cyclones
YouTube video (8:20) describing and explaining midlatitude cyclones.  Incorporates several videos from other sources.  From Stefan Becker’s Youtube channel, which contains numerical videos explaining weather.

The Jet Stream

The Jet Stream
from the (U.S.) National Weather Service.  Describes the origin of the jet and why it flows eastward.
Jet Streams
Also from the North Carolina Climate Office education page.
A Rough Guide to the Jet Stream
A detailed, thorough, and fairly long description of what the jet stream is, how it originates, and how it affects weather at the surface.  By John Mason, posted at Skeptical Science.

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