Climate Classification

Here are links to some sites that have useful information about the Köppen clasification of climate zones.

Climate Classification
Chapter 7, section v of Fundamentals of Physical Geography, an online geography textbook compiled by Michael Pidwirny of the University of British Columbia Okanangan.
World Climates
Part of Blue Planet Biomes, a site apparently created by or for sixth-graders.  It is a readable and complete, though brief, list and description of Köppen climate classes.  This particular page cites Strahler and Strahler’s textbook Understanding Physical Geography (Wiley, 1984).
Köppen Climate Classification from Wikipedia
Wikipedia’s article on the Köoppen climate classification scheme.  It contains more classes and sub-classes than you may ever hope to sift through, and the descriptions are not very detailed, but there is a lot here.
Climate zone map
Detailed world map with climate zones color-coded.  PDF format.
Quiz yourself! 
Here is an online quiz applet that will test your knowledge of the world climate zones.  It “calls out” a climate zone classification and asks you to select the zone on a color-coded world map.  Accompanies Ackerman and Knox’s textbook Meteorology: Understanding the Atmosphere.

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