Geographic Data

Here are links to some sites that have useful information about the geographic parameters of locations in the U.S. and worldwide.

USGS Geographic Names Information System
Enter the name of any U.S location to get its latitude, longitude, and elevation.
Geonet Names Server
For non-U.S. locations. Operated by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.  Entering your search information is a bit awkward, the searches are slow, and the information you get takes some work to decipher, but this is the most comprehensive geographic database I have found.  You can eventually find latitude and longitude.
Sunrise/set table calculator
From the awesome U.S. Naval Observatory.  Generates a table of sunrise and sunset times every day of any year at any location on earth.  This calculator can generate moonrise/set and twilight tables as well.
Sun or Moon Altitude/Azimuth Table
From the U.S. Naval Observatory yet again.  This one makes a table of the sun’s or moon’s position in the sky throughout the day as seen from any place on earth, any day you choose.  You must specify the location’s latitude and longitude.
Duration of Daylight/Darkness Table for one Year
From the U.S. Naval Observatory, of course.  This makes a table of the duration of the day or night, that is, the amount of time that the sun is above or brlow the horizon, for every day of a year you specify.  Includes calculators for both U.S. and international locations.
Rise/Set/Twilight Table for One Year
From the U.S. Naval Observatory, of course.  Tell it the phenomenon you want times for and the location, and it will tell you the times at every day of the year you specify.
Sun and Moon Data for One Day
From the U.S. Naval Observatory.  Subnrise, sunset, beginning and ending of civil twilight, and moon phase at any location for any date.
U. S. Naval Observatory Data Portal
Portal to the above U. S> Naval Observatory products and more.

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