SCI 111 Physical Science

PowerPoint slide shows

Not all lessons have associated slide shows.  These are the slide shows, in chronological order.

Spring Semester

Link Topic
SpringChanges.ppt Changes from the Fall
Midterm_Results.ppt Results of the midterm
L17_units.ppt Working with units
SCI111_L13_d_v_a.ppt Position, velocity, and acceleration
SCI111_L14_Force.ppt Force
SCI111_L15_Newton.ppt Newton's laws of motion
SCI111_L16_p_J.ppt Impulse and momentum
SCI111_L20_Work.ppt Work and energy
SCI111_L21_Energy_Guises.ppt Forms of Energy
SCI111_L22_Econs.ppt Conservation of Energy
SCI111_L24_KMT.ppt Kinetic Molecular Theory
SCI111_L25_temp.ppt Temperature
SCI111_L26_heat.ppt Heat
SCI111_L27_phase.ppt Phase changes
SCI111_L28_thermo.pptx Thermodynamics
SCI111_L29_engines.ppt Heat engines
SCI111_L30_oscillation.ppt Vibrations
SCI111_L31_waves.ppt Waves and sound
SCI111_L32_EM.ppt Electricity and Magnetism
SCI111_L32a_electrostatics.ppt Electrostatics
SCI111_L32b_circuits.ppt Circuits
SCI111_L32c_magnetism.ppt Magnetism
Substances.ppt Chemical Substances
SCI111_L34_Orbitals.ppt Electron orbitals
SCI111_L35_Bonding.ppt Chemical Bonds
SCI111_L36_Formulas.ppt Chemical names and formulas
SCI111_L37_reactions.ppt Chemical Reactions
SCI111_L38_ReactionTypes.ppt Types of chemical reactions
SCI111_L39_Water.ppt Properties of Water
SCI111_L40_acids.ppt Acids and bases
SCI111_L41_radioactivity.ppt Radioactive decay
SCI111_L42_health_effects.ppt Health effects of radiation
SCI111_L43_fsion.ppt Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

Fall semester

Link Topic
SCI111_L01_intro.ppt Introduction to SCI 111
SCI111_L02_mechanics.ppt Mechanics of the class
SCI111_L03_streams.ppt Streams
SCI111_L04_glacials.ppt Glacial landforms
SCI111_L05_volcanoes.ppt Volcanic landforms
SCI111_L06_Greenhouse_intro.ppt The Greenhouse effect
SCI111_L07_atmosphys1.ppt Physics of the atmosphere
SCI111_L08_climates.ppt Climate zones
SCI111_L13_tropical_cyclones.ppt Tropical cyclones
SCI111_L14_mid-latitude_cyclones.ppt Midlatitude cyclones
SCI111_L16_warm.ppt Global warming

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