SCI 111 Physical Science

PowerPoint slide shows

Date Link Topic
20 Aug SCI111 L01_intro.ppt Introduction to SCI 111
21 Aug SCI111 L02_mechanics.ppt Mechanics of the class
31 Aug SCI111_L03_plates_activity.ppt Tectonic plate boundaries activity
4 Sep SCI111_L04_volcanoes.ppt Types and shapes of volcanoes
25 Oct SCI111_L04_Maine_Geologic_Hist.ppt Geologic history of Maine
29 Oct SCI111_L05_Fossil_fuels.ppt Fossil fuels
Nov SCI111_L06_atmosphys.ppt Atmospheric physics
Nov SCI111_L07_Thunderstorms.pptx Thunderstorms
Nov SCI111_L08_tropical_cyclones.ppt Tropical cyclones
Nov SCI111_L09_mid-latitude_cyclones.ppt Midlatitude cyclones
26 Nov SCI111_L10_LiftedIndex.ppt Lifted index
26 Nov SCI111_L11_climates.ppt Climate types

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