Plate Tectonics Game Project

“This Will Kill You”

60 points total

This assignment is closely based on the textbook’s Chapter Challenge for Chapter 2, detailed on pp 133–135, 198–199, and 258–259.

Your group will create a game teaching about plate tectonics and its associated hazards, volcanoes and earthquakes.  The game should be fun to play, and it should effectively teach about plate tectonics.


Poster describing your plan 12 points Sep 6 group
Feedback on other groups’ posters 6 points Sep 8 individual
The game 30 points Sep 14 
Your questions 18 points individual
Game play quality 9 points group
Educational value 3 pointsgroup
Feedback on other groups’ games6 points Sep 16individual
Reflection on your project 6 points Sep 24 individual

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