Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

Links to online information about thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Dust devils

This is about as much as convection can do without moisture.

Dust Devils
Short Weather Channel video (1:05) explaining how dust devils form.
Dust devils on Mars
Trying to learn about dust devils on the dust planet (3:44).
Australian Fire Whirls
The thermal energy for convection doesn’t have to come from the sun! (3:59)
Portuguese fire whirls
More fire whirl footage (4:00).


Thunderstorms and supercells
Video (4:44) from a TV meteorologist aimed at a school audience.
Thunder and Lightning
Video (2:56) from the UK Met Office
Video (0:55) showing a snowstorm with lightning and thunder in Wichita.
National Severe Storms laboratory Severe Weather 101—Thunderstorms
Introduction to thunderstorms, with links to further pages: types of thunderstorms, thunderstormstorm detection, forecasting, FAQ



National Severe Storms laboratory Severe Weather 101—Tornadoes
Introduction to tornadoes
EF Scale
NOAA fact sheet on the Enhanced Fujita scale
EF Scale damage photos
from the “Original Weather Blog”

Noteworthy tornadoes

Super Tornado
Sensational video (30 min) from Cosmic Journeys describing the Joplin, MO tornado.
The Tri-State Tornado of 1925
Video (5:13) describing the record tornado of 18 March 1925.
Tri-State Tornado facts
Facts about the Tri-State Tornado, with many photographs of damage.
EL Reno Tornado animation
Video (2:09) of a simulation of the El Reno Oklahoma tornado of May 2011 from the University of Wisconsin.

Storm chaser videos

Video montage (3:23) of intense thunderstorms.
Storm chaser videos
A collection from storm chaser Quincy Vagell.
Wray, Colorado
Close footage (5:23) of a tornado.

Tornado on Fire

Fire Tornado
Not just a fire whirl.  Destructive fires in Canberra, Australia in 2003 were evidently intensified by a true tornado born from the pyrocumulus cloud.  This video (11:08) shows how the story was uncovered.

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