SCI 340 Labs

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Term 2

Lab 1Entropy [spreadsheet]
Lab 2Hooke’s law
Lab 3Waves
Lab 4Fields
Lab 5Electric charge
Lab 6Potential and field
Lab 7Resistor circuits
Lab 8RC circuits
Lab 9Current and magnetic field

Term 1

Lab 1Graphs of motion
Lab 2Projectile range
Lab 3Vector addition
Lab 4Forces on an incline
Lab 5Force and Acceleration
Lab 6 (no PDF)Vector Racing
Lab 7Conservation of Momentum
Lab 8Ballistic Pendulum
Lab 9Rolling Downhill
Lab 10Torque and Moment of Inertia
Lab 11Fluids
Lab 12Standards quizzes
Lab 13Specific Heat
Lab 14Latent Heat

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