SCI 340 Physics

PowerPoint slide shows

Date Link Topic
24 Jan Lecture 2 Thermodynamic paths
26 Jan Lecture 3 Entropy
2 Feb Lecture 4 Performance of heat engines
6 Feb Lecture 5 Springs and oscillations
9 Feb Lecture 6 Waves Part 1
  L07_Sound.ppt Sound and Intensity
  L08_waves_2.ppt 2-D waves
  L09_waves_diffrac.ppt Diffraction and interference
  L10_echarge.ppt Electric charge and electric force
  L11_potential.ppt Electric potential
  L12_current.ppt Electric current
26 March L14_capacitance.ppt Capacitance
27 March L15_Bfield.ppt
30 March L16_I-B .ppt Currents and magnetic fields
2 April L17_Lorentz.ppt Lorentz force
5 April L18_Faraday.ppt Faraday’s law
L19_EMwaves.ppt Electromagnetic waves
L20_color.ppt Light and color
L21_optics.ppt Ray optics

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