SCI 440U Labs

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Term 2

Lab 1Electric and magnetic fields
Lab 2Electric charge
Lab 3Measuring voltage
Lab 4Isopotentials and field lines
Lab 5Series and parallel circuits
Lab 6Kirchoff's laws
Lab 7RC Circuits
Lab 8Currents and magnets
Lab 9Electromagnetic induction
Lab 10LRC Circuits

Term 1

Lab 1Velocity and acceleration
Lab 2Projectile range
Lab 3How things move
Lab 4 (no pdf)Pulling a cart
Lab 5Forces in Equilibrium
Lab 6Work and Kinetic Energy
Lab 7Springs
Lab 8Conservation of Momentum
Lab 9Ballistic Pendulum
Lab 10Conservation of Energy Challenge
Lab 11Torque and Rotational Inertia
Lab 12Standards recovery
Lab 13Simple Harmonic Motion
Lab 14Physical Pendulum

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